Every leader wants to be THE one: The one who motivates their team to thrive in unchartered waters, and THE one who takes their team to preeminence.

What is it that makes leaders of great organizations surpass all others?

Great leaders who THRIVE are committed. When the going gets tough, they not only get going but they have already “gone” towards their goal. They know their end goal and they communicate that goal to their team. That way, the whole team becomes part of the mission.

Great leaders who THRIVE take control over situations presented to them. Rather than being passive and letting things happen to them, they adapt. These leaders take chances because they believe they are in control of their own destiny.

Great leaders who THRIVE love a challenge. They see change as part of their organization’s culture and are willing to push themselves to the limit. Their teams search for innovative solutions and are able to tolerate stressful times.

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“Preeminence is defined as ‘extraordinary excellence once reached and sustained creates competitive advantage.’ The most important word here is ‘sustained.’ We have all seen organizations that have a single season of success only to fall back to mediocrity or great organizations that lose their focus and cannot sustain excellence. To be preeminent and truly THRIVE, as leaders, we must focus on excellence and sustainability,” says Ron Kitchens, CEO of Southwest Michigan First and founder of Catalyst University.
Did you know …

  • That 93% of the best companies for leadership identify individuals as high-potentials for future leadership roles. (Source: Hay Group Best Companies for Leadership, 2014)
  • 84% of those companies actively manage a pool of successors for mission critical roles. (Source: Hay Group Best Companies for Leadership, 2014)
  • Companies that support strong leadership programs are 150% more likely to be found atop Fortune magazine’s ‘Most Admired Companies’ list? (Source: Consulting Psychology Journal, 2003)
  • That 100% of the top 20 companies for leadership development have CEOs actively involved in developing leadership talent? (Source: Hewitt, 2005)

Are you ready to THRIVE as a leader?

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