First Up

Young professionals face an often unanticipated and yet critical point of transition. They move out of the more structured and predictable world of education and enter the professional landscape, which comes with heightened responsibilities both inside and outside the workplace. Within the first five years of their career, it is common to see the initial excitement and vigor young professionals bring to their work fade into self-doubt, burn out, and wondering if they chose the right job after all.

Early training and support for young professionals and high potentials is a crucial investment because it creates key leadership behaviors at the beginning phase of career, which is always more efficient and effective than attempting to re-train down the road. Designed specifically for professionals in the first five years of career, FIRST UP equips participants with the Guts, Grit and Go-To’s needed to lay a strong foundation for leadership growth and development in the right direction.

Now accepting applications for the Spring 2020 cohort!

First Up Application