Kim Weishaar
“Positivity allows you to find triumphs in challenges, successes in failures, and friends in foes.”

When did you last get a good dose of fresh air? For Kim Weishaar, the answer is probably, “today!” Kim’s favorite days are those spent outside, whether she’s hiking a trail or paddle boarding on a lake. Even if there are no activities planned, she’s happy to just be standing in the great outdoors, both close to home and around the globe.

As a managing partner of Southwest Michigan First, Kim brings a forecast of continual sunshine as she leads the organizations’ Accounting and Culture Teams. While her day-to-day focus is on the numbers and the people, make no mistake: her creative side is bubbling with new ideas that help her take her community to the next level. A two-time graduate of Miami University in Ohio, Kim is all about keeping things organized while thinking outside the box to support the region’s economic success.

In the office and her personal experiences, Kim knows how to maximize an opportunity, from enhancing an accounting process to soaking up the sun to visiting 15 countries in a single trip to Europe. In her free time, Kim also loves to pick up a good book, enjoy a local craft beer and spend time with family, friends and her husband, Alex.